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Executive Board Information & Forms

Deadlines for Submitting Reimbursement Requests

  • June 25 – 1st Quarter
  • September 25 – 2nd Quarter
  • December 25 – 3rd Quarter
  • March 25 – 4th Quarter

Information for Prospective Board Members

Thank you for considering service to the P.E.O. Sisterhood as a member of the Executive Board of Colorado State Chapter! The Executive Board is comprised of five P.E.O. sisters who each serve five years. Board service is exciting, rewarding, and fun. Friendships formed with board members last a lifetime. The knowledge and experience gained will benefit many areas of your life. This information sheet is designed to give any prospective board member the basic requirements and responsibilities for service.


  • Any member of a Colorado P.E.O. chapter who has belonged to P.E.O. for 5 years and served as president of a Colorado local chapter (LC) for at least one year may be considered for nomination to the state executive board.

  • Member must have a home computer with access to high speed internet and a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.

  • Completed application, chapter endorsement and personal interview with the nominating committee.

  • Deadline for application: February 15

Time Commitment

  • Board meetings are held 5 times a year, June, August, January, April and a pre-convention meeting. Attendance is required at board meetings, state convention and other official functions of the state board.

  • It is extremely important to discuss the time commitment with your employer and with family members. Time commitments affect the entire household as well as your available vacation time.

The board works year around. Time commitments vary, but plan to devote from twenty to as much as forty hours per week during peak periods.

  1. Board Retreat (June) 2-3 days
  2. Fall Board Meeting (August/September) 2-3 days
  3. Official Visits to Local Chapters as Proxy Organizer (September/October) 10-15 visits/days
  4. International Convention in odd years (September/October) 5 days
  5. Winter Board Meeting (January) 2-3 days
  6. Train LC officers at Spring Training Workshops (April/May) 4-5 days
  7. Spring Board Meeting (April) 2-3 days
  8. Pre-Convention Board Meeting (just before convention) — 1 day State Convention (June) 4 days
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