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Colorado P.E.O. Charitable Corporation

CPCC was originally organized as Colorado Foundation Fund in 1949 to collect donations for the purpose of fulfilling the charitable mission of P.E.O. in Colorado. By 1963 there were sufficient funds to purchase property in Colorado Springs and construct a residential home for P.E.O. members which was named Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House. In an effort to attract additional individual donations and endowments, application was made in 1965 to the Internal Revenue Service to be granted the charitable status of 501(c)(3), thus allowing individual donations to be tax deductible. CPCC’s ability to provide charitable deductions for qualified donors was expanded in 2012 with the transfer of Colorado Marguerite Fund from the oversight of Colorado State Chapter to Colorado P.E.O. Charitable Corporation. Today, the 501(c)(3) status of our member-owned corporation helps allow our two projects – Chapter House and Marguerite Fund – to serve the charitable needs of our sisters and others. The name of our corporation has gone from “Colorado Foundation Fund” in 1949 to “Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House, Inc.” in 1965 and finally to “Colorado P.E.O. Charitable Corporation” in 2012. The name changes reflect the evolution of the charitable purpose of the organization.

How is CPCC funded?

Colorado P.E.O. Charitable Corporation is a member-owned organization that operates under the direction of a Board of Directors, with guidance from the Colorado State Chapter Executive Board and the Executive Board of P.E.O. International Sisterhood. As with any organization, CPCC incurs operational expenses. Unlike our chapters (local, state and International), CPCC does not charge membership dues. Our operating expenses are paid with the generous donations of individuals and Colorado P.E.O. chapters, along with the interest and earnings from our restricted funds.

How to ensure that donations go to the intended project?

Ensuring that individual or chapter donations go to the intended project is simple. All donations are to be accompanied by the official CPCC Donation Form. The donation form asks to which project(s) you would like your donation to be applied.

What are the fundraising guidelines for CPCC?

As with P.E.O. State and International projects, fundraising is the responsibility of individuals and chapters. Our Board of Directors, Trustees, and employees are not required to engage in fundraising efforts other than asking for your donations. Your chapter is encouraged to fundraise following the guidelines established by International Chapter. Proceeds from your efforts are welcome donations to our corporation and our two projects, as well as to Colorado State projects and International projects. Individuals are also welcome to engage in fundraising efforts, in accordance with International guidelines, to benefit our projects.

For a list of gifts donated in the last fiscal year, organized by chapter or by category, please click on the appropriate button to the right.