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Colorado P.E.O. and Cottey College

Stewardship of Cottey comes in many forms and comes from many people, especially P.E.O.s. Over the years, Colorado P.E.O.s have shown their support for Cottey in a variety of ways. Supporting Cottey benefits students, faculty, the facility, and one of the missions of the sisterhood – “Women helping women reach for the stars.”

Colorado P.E.O.s have been avid supporters of the Colorado Cottey College Scholarship Fund (CCCSF) and the Colorado young women who receive these awards.  Now that the fund is part of the P.E.O. Foundation, gifts from individuals are tax deductable!

Thank you Colorado P.E.O.s for your continued endeavors. Please use this website to explore new ways of helping and/or reaffirm support done in the past.

Basic Information – Colorado Cottey College Scholarship Fund

The Colorado Cottey College Scholarship Fund (CCCSF) is a state project established in 1992 for scholarships, through endowments, to Colorado Cottey College students. It is supported solely by individuals and chapters who are encouraged to give annually. The P.E.O. Foundation manages the fund while the Colorado Cottey College Committee oversees the application and award process. Scholarships may be granted annually based on the accumulated interest and fund principal in excess of a required minimum principle balance of $5000.00 as reported by the P.E.O. Foundation. Other scholarships may also may be awarded annually.

Eligibility, Application and Payment Process

All residents of Colorado accepted to Cottey are eligible and encouraged to apply for a scholarship from this fund. Scholarships are based primarily on academic achievement. Consideration may also be given for a student’s character, participation in activities and leadership roles. Once the student has been accepted, Cottey notifies the Colorado Cottey College Chairman, who sends an application. Colorado residency, official transcripts and letters of recommendation must be included with the completed application and post-marked no later than January 31. Selection notification is announced in March. Each recipient and the Financial Aid Director of Cottey is notified following selection and the awards are publicized at the Colorado State convention and put on the Colorado State website. 

Chapter Cottey College Chairman

Every state, providence and district within the P.E.O. sisterhood chooses how to organize their support of Cottey. The Colorado Cottey College committee encourages each chapter to appoint a Chapter Cottey College Chairman so one designated person can keep members informed of Cottey and encourages its promotion, recruitment and referrals. It is important each chapter seeks out potential students and submits an online referral card for them.

The responsibilities for the Chapter Cottey College Chairman are to give a report at each meeting on timely topics and deadlines, help members recognize potential students within their networks, encourage visits to Cottey, and introduce Cottey to students, school counselors, youth leaders and other groups supporting women’s education.

For more information please contact:

Rhonda Funston, IA


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Need help?  Navigating through this information can be overwhelming, but talking to a Colorado Cottey College committee member is easy.  We’re here to help you with any of your efforts!

Important, Please Read…
All applicants must have been accepted to Cottey College before applying for this scholarship. When submitting your application, please attach the following documents: transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a current photo.

CSC Treasurer serves as advisor 

Rhonda Funston, IA (2018-2021)  

Nancy Eakins, DN (2019-2022)

Martha Shuss, GT (2020-2023)

Local Scholarships

Throughout the state, several P.E.O. chapters and reciprocities offer scholarships to Colorado Cottey students. A student who has been accepted to Cottey is eligible for several Colorado-related scholarships.


“The Denver Area Cottey Club (DACC) worked with Cottey College to establish an Endowed Scholarship Fund to be managed by Cottey to award scholarships to Denver Area Cottey students.  The DACC raises money throughout each year for the fund.  See the Cottey College website ( for Financial Aid Criteria.  Anyone who wishes to support Denver Area Students attending Cottey may make a tax-deductible donation directly to Cottey College noting that the donation is for the Denver Area Cottey Club Endowed Scholarship Fund.  If you have any questions, please contact:
Linda Adams

Pueblo Grants in Aid –

Pueblo-area Cottey students may apply for these scholarship funds.

Contact –
Diane Clark, GIA Chair

On-Campus Scholarships and Employment

Numerous scholarships are available to Colorado Cottey students that are managed by Cottey. They are based on academic merit, extracurricular activities, leadership and athletic performance. Federal work study and other campus employment opportunities can also help with tuition or indirect educational costs. For more information, contact the Enrollment Management office at or 888-5-COTTEY or go to

Going Above and Beyond

Besides the annual scholarships awarded from the CCCSF, and according to the committee bylaws, the following may be given each year:

First-year student –
$1,000 in honor of Chapter President Chapter President

Second-year student –
$1,000 in honor of Virginia Corbett, the first Colorado State Chapter President

Third-year student –
$1,000 in honor of the current Colorado State Chapter President

Fourth-year student –
$1,000 in honor of Chellie Stevens Wright, Colorado State Chapter President 1924-1925 and Past P.E.O. Supreme Chapter President 1937-1939


Increasing Communications and Marketing

Experiencing the meaning of P.E.O. often comes outside chapter meetings and one of the best ways to support the organization and the educational opportunities it offers women is through Cottey College.  Thanks to the $40 million in gifts from P.E.O.s to the Defining Moment campaign, numerous updates and additions to strengthen the school have been implemented.  Cottey is also expanding its outreach to P.E.O.s, alumnae, and others with a similar mission through its first-ever national marketing campaign, “Cottey College – Going Places.” All this will help build awareness and achieve one of the next goals – to increase enrollment from 300 to 500 young women.

Recruiting Options

Six Cottey admission representatives travel the county visiting students who express an interest in the school. The Cottey recruiter for our state is Stephanie Grgurich. (sqr-

Many times prospective students learn about Cottey from someone who has taken just one extra step to complete and submit a referral card. Other P.E.O.s are ‘Volunteer Re- cruiters” who meet with students, attend high school events, talk with high school coun- selors, teachers or coaches, participate in college fairs, and talk with community mem- bers who work with teens.

Often the first reaction to an all-women’s school is negative. By offering of a few key benefits (i.e. International trip, Leadership Institute, 10 to 1 professor to student ratio, safe campus, numerous scholarships), that attitude may turn into a positive, sparking a legitimate interest in Cottey.

There is a variety of helpful information to help P.E.O.s talk about Cottey including: re- cruitment tips, a recruitment handbook, free brochures, DVDs and on-line videos which can be used when making presentations or having informal, informational conversa- tions. There are also two short exercises (“A Minute for Cottey” and “Think About Who You Know”) that help P.E.O.s feel more comfortable bringing Cottey into casual conversations.

Referring a Student

Sometimes we limit ourselves to thinking we can only refer our relatives or relatives of close friends to Cottey, when the average person knows more than 1,500 people! Although you may not personally know any high school students, chances are many people in your network do. The future of our school depends on P.E.O.s letting the Cottey staff know about potential students.

Gifting to the Colorado Cottey College Scholarship Fund

What better way to support a Colorado Cottey student than with a scholarship gift from P.E.O.s in her home state! Annual gifting from chapters and individuals is vital for the continued success of the fund.

Checks from chapters should be made out to the Colorado State Chapter and mailed tothe state Treasurer, with “Colorado Cottey College Scholarship Fund” in the memo.

Individuals can make tax deductable gifts in the form of cash/checks, bequests in wills, marketable securities, beneficiary of living trusts, retirement plan assets or life insurance policies. Cash gifts should be made by check payable to P.E.O. Foundation and mailedto 3700 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312. Note “Colorado Cottey College Scholarship Fund” in the memo.

Programs for Your Chapter

Cottey College Programs

There are several resources on the Cottey website for chapter programs and recruiting. Two short exercises that teach members how to bring Cottey into casual conversations and realize the broad, yet personal, network that reveals potential students are “A Minute for Cottey” and “Think About Who You Know.”  Recommended videos are “Cottey Recruitment,” “Women’s Leadership.”, “Social Responsibility” and “Just 3 Words.”  To show a video at a meeting, simply make a copy of the video onto a blank DVD disk and watch it like you would a movie on a DVD player.  An online video may also be saved onto a laptop computer or flash drive and shown using a USB cord attached to the laptop and TV. 

Colorado Cottey College Program

A 20-minute Power Point program is available that includes a Cottey overview and specific information about Colorado P.E.O. and Colorado Cottey students.  Within the program is a script that can be read when showing the slides.  The same script is in a separate file for use without the Power Point.  This informative, promotional tool should be used at chapter meetings or shown to potential students, school faculty or anyone who would benefit from learning more about our exceptional school.

Supporting Cottey College Students

Support from back home creates a meaningful bond between P.E.O. members and Colorado Cottey students.  Receiving various forms of encouragement from P.E.O.s is always uplifting.

Cottey, located in Nevada, Missouri, is hundreds of miles away so making a connection with a Colorado student makes Cottey more personal and real. It also lets the student know P.E.O s back home care about her and her educational career. Chapters can adopt a student for the entire year or send periodic cards and care packages. Support for students living in the Colorado Thompson suite is also encouraged.

Address formats – 

For students –
Student Name 
Residence Hall 
1000 W. Austin 
Nevada, MO 64772

For suites –
Suite Name (Colorado Thompson) 
c/o Office of P.E.O. Relations 
1000 W. Austin
Nevada, MO 64772

Adopt-a-student –

Chapters can choose to adopt a student from any state or country, but especially those from Colorado. Chapters are also encouraged to support the residents of the Colorado Thompson suite (not necessarily Colorado residents). Please let the Colorado Cottey College Committee know if have adopted a student or if you would like a suggestion of a student who could use some P.E.O. care.

Financial support ideas –

Books – Contact the Cottey financial aid office first and they will set up a scholarship fund at the book store

Cash – Cash or checks for undesignated funds MUST BE $49 OR UNDER. Any amount above $50 is considered income and will affect the student’s financial aid.

Gift cards – Any amount for a local store (i.e. Walmart) is acceptable as it will not affect the student’s financial aid

Int’l Trip – As part of their tuition, each second year/sophomore student takes a school-sponsored, international trip. Since the student is responsible for meals and incidentals, financial support is welcomed. Checks can be made out to the student with the memo line and accompanying letter specifying “International Experience Trip” so the gift qualifies as a college expense and does not affect her financial aid.

Tuition – Contact the Cottey financial aid office before sending a check to a student

Non-financial support ideas –

When a card or package arrives for a student or suite, it makes an ordinary day very special. Birthday, holiday and encouragement cards are always appreciated. Food and personal items are very popular also.

More ideas and detailed information is available on the Cottey website –

Support Students